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Re: suspend to disk for 2.6.9

> > Don't use xserver-dri-trunk, and make sure the UseFBDev option in the X
> > config file is _enabled_. AFAIR the recent radeon chipsets still aren't
> > properly supported by DRI.
> So what driver should I use. Should i uninstall xserver-dri-trunk

Try using the plain xfree86 (or X.org) driver. Even if your chipset is
supported by the DRI code there may still be issues with suspend. If I
understand the interaction between suspend and X right, it all boils down
to using radeonfb code for console switching, and use of radeonfb must be
disabled for DRI.

Guido just confirmed that DRI needs to be disabled. He either has a better
memory than me, or looks up the archives on a regular basis :-)


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