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Re: problem first reboot performa 6400/200


I am actually just a " lurker" on the Debian list as I am actually running Yellow Dog Linux on my old Powermac 9500. I had exactly the same experience as you when I first tried to install Debian Woody on my machine and chose the option of using quik like you did. If things don't go right you are left without the option of booting back into Mac OS and starting over again. What you have to do now is reboot. At the startup chime, hold Cmd-Opt-P-R down. This will reset Open Firmware and you can boot into MacOS again. If this doesn't work then you might have to pull your PRAM battery and leave the machine sit for 12 hours or so. Then you should be able to boot back into MacOS again.

I know the purists on this list will groan, but I think that using BootX on a small MacOS partition gives you many more options that using quik. You can try out different kernels more easily, and if something goes wrong you aren't totally screwed. Also, I am still using Yellow Dog 3.0 because I could never get X to work in Debian.

Good luck to you.


On 21-Oct-04, at 7:15 AM, Alessandro M. wrote:

I'm tryng to install Debian woody on an old powerpc performa 6400/200...
During the first installation step i had no problems... i've installed
the eth and all the harware... at the end it has installed quik
bootloader and then i had to reboot the mac for the first time, for the
second step installation process. after this first reboot nothing
appens... the screen is black and i cannot boot from any device (disks,
cd, Hd)... It's catastrofic!!! What have I to do? Please help me! You
are my only hope! Thank you!

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