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Re: best kernel config on PowerBook G4 12" 1.33GHz

He 12"guys,

some issues:

- your lspci exec returns the same string as mine
- kernel config : i am running 2.6.9-rc4, i just used the debian config
    reduced by some for me unneeded options
- suspend-to-disk i did not really try to work that out til now
- as i heard it should be able to export vga data to external screen, but i 
    did not try as well
- pbbuttonsd or gtkpbbuttonsd is working fine for me except the lcd dimming, 
    and this is a real point to me with a look at the battery. if anybody
    knows how to dim the lcd (i just tried video=ofonly and that did not do 
    the trick) i would love to hear how; i am not aware with fb-dev things at 
    all. strange is that after a while unused, the lcd backlight turns off, but
    even this i do not know how to do by myself

BTW, i rund debian sarge on a powerbook 12" 1,33 ghz, xfree 4.3.0.

Would be nice to hear some other people with 12" and whats their opinion...
yours joerg

> Regards.
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