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Re: Power meter.

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 07:57:45PM -0400, Matthew Gracie wrote:
> There's something on the machine -- it might be pbbuttonsd, wmbatppc,
> gtkpbbuttons, or something else - that's flashing the current battery
> level at the top of the screen every few minutes. It's two horizontal
> bar graphs, because I use two batteries, scaled to represent the amount
> of charge left in each battery.
> As you might guess, this is rather distracting for my class when I'm
> lecturing.
> Does anyone know how I can get rid of these?

It's wmbatppc. This is enabled/disabled during compilation through the
Makefile[1]. You can apt-get the source and compile it without
osd-support. Remember to pin the package to avoid accidential upgrading
your customized package.


[1] remove the -DENABLE_OSD flag as described in the README file
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