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Re: DRI / 3D acceleration (G4 AlBook)

hello Erik..

* Erik Chakravarty <s0452958@sms.ed.ac.uk> [2004-10-13 10:10 +0200]:
> I'm a new member of this list.
> I recently got sarge up and running on my 2004 G4 PowerBook.
> Most of the hardware seems to be working OK - but has anyone got DRI/3D
> hardware acceleration working on the ATI Mobility Radeon 9700?

forget it. :( at least as long as ATI does not give out some more
information, so that people like Ben Herrenschmidt can hack on it.
there is no 3D-acceleration for any Radeon chip >=9500 with free
drivers. ATI does not ship drivers for PPC, so we are lost for now. you
could bug ATI about it, but i doubt they will answer you. my request to
provide drivers for PPC was ignored for two times.

you might check the archives for more info about this topic.

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