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Problems booting Sarge from PCI-SCSI attached disk

I'm new user of Linux on PowerMacs and cannot resolve this issue.
Could somebody help?

I have problem booting newly installed Sarge PPC from disk attached to PCI-SCSI controller based on Advansys.

I have PM 7300 with 2 disks: one connected to internal MESH ctrl & second hdd connected to Advansys.

I installed YDL 3.01 on the first MESH-connected hdd and it operates quite good (my wife using it :-) ). I can see and operate both disks. So I wanted to try Debian on PPC.

Installed Sarge rc1. Booted by BootX from cd. Loaded manually mesh kern module cos installer could not find the cdrom and the rest of installation went all right. The base system was installed on Advansys-connected disk. Quik didnt work. But after first reboot (with BootX) kernel cannot load advansys module and complaints it doesnt know device sdb7 (partition where I installed sarge and the root is).

I can mount sarge partition from YDL. It seems that base system is there.

I unset ramdisk and set /dev/sdb7 as root in BootX. I set as kernel argument: initrd=/boot/initrd.img-2.6.7. But with no effects.
Booting kernel 2.6.7 do not know root device sdb7.

How can I boot from this advansys connected hdd?

I must add I cannot compile new PPC kernel with static advansys driver at this time.

I will appreciate any help

bets regards
MArcin Wolyniak

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