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Re: support for tvout for ibook G4 (radeon 9200)

Guglielmo Dapavo wrote:
Sébastien FRANÇOIS wrote:

but It donesn't work, are there any other options for de radeon

Option  "CRT2HSync" "30-50"
Option  "CRT2VRefresh" "43-60"
It doesn't work....

did you ever tried gatos sourceforge drivers? The say they have support with some radeon chipsets...

What's the dri trunk? I mean what's the difference with the radeon driver from XFree?


I'm not sure that this will help, but under http://ppcconfdb.sourceforge.net/?id=conf there is a PowerBook config with a radeon 9600. I'm not sure if this will help, but its worth taking a look at it (http://ppcconfdb.sourceforge.net/conf/PowerBook_Aluminium_G4_1GHz_15_radeon-9600/etc/X11/XF86Config-4).

Otherwise, if you have one of these:
# iBook_G4_933MHz-14.1
# iBook_G4_1GHz-14.1

Those configurations are listed. If your box isn't listed, feel free to run the make-db script (http://ppcconfdb.sourceforge.net/programs/make-db/make-db) and send me the tarball that is generated.


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