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Re: iBook heat issues

On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 12:38:55AM -0000, joe@terrarum.net wrote:
> I'm currently running Debian on a G3 900 ibook. After about 20min of using
> it, the the area where the hard drive is (left palm and underneith) become
> very hot.

Is the system completely idle when it starts to heat up? Is it plugged
in to the AC adapter? What type of surface are you using the iBook on?

I have the same model iBook, and I only notice that it gets hot when I
am doing something processor intensive, such as compiling something, and
usually only when I have it on AC power. I also notice that it seems to
heat up more quickly when I use it on my desk, as opposed to when I use
it on my lap.


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