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Re: Open Firmware "boot" parameters -- Was: yaboot error - load size is too small

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004 00:03:36 -0400, Rick Thomas <rbthomas55@pobox.com> wrote:
> On Saturday, September 25, 2004, at 08:55 AM, Derrik Pates wrote:
> > Steve Richter wrote:
> >> The 4 files ( yaboot, yaboot.conf, root.bin, linux.bin ) have been
> >> copied to the root level of the hard drive.
> >> boot the iMac to the open firmware prompt
> >> run the command:
> >>  boot  hd:0,yaboot
> >
> > There's no partition 0, _ever_, with an Apple partition map. It
> > doesn't exist. You should do 'boot hd:,\\yaboot' instead. Not
> > specifying a partition number will cause it to search for a volume
> > with a filesystem it knows, and \\ tells it "look in the blessed
> > directory" - which trust me, is important...
> >
> > -- Derrik Pates
> > dpates@dsdk12.net
> Derrik,
> Can you tell us where the syntax and semantics for this stuff is
> documented -- what one puts after "boot" in talking to Open
> Firmware, and how it interacts with the related environment
> variables?
I would add that the documentation appears to be wrong on this.


5.4.3 Booting NewWorld Macs from OpenFirmware
You will have already placed the linux.bin, yaboot, yaboot.conf, and
root.bin files at the root level of your HFS partition in Hard Disk
Installer Booting for NewWorld Macs, Section 4.4.2. Restart the
computer, and immediately (during the chime) hold down the Option,
Command (cloverleaf/Apple), o, and f keys all together. After a few
seconds you will be presented with the Open Firmware prompt:

     0 >
At the prompt, type 

     0 > boot hd:x,yaboot
replacing x with the partition number of the HFS partition where the
kernel and yaboot files were placed, followed by a return. On some
machines, you may need to use ide0: instead of hd:. In a few more
seconds you will see a yaboot prompt


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