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Re: No HFS driver, and "change install priority" menu option missing -- and other bugs found while testing 2.4 boot floppies on OldWorld PowerMac

On Thursday, September 23, 2004, at 11:02 AM, Sven Luther wrote:

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 05:05:58PM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
Package: installation-reports

In addition to the already noted problems with 2.4 PowerPC boot
floppies, I have two requests for modules to be included on the
root or root-2:

Ok, actually following up on this from Oldenbourg with an oldworld box on

Glad you finally got an oldworld powermac box to test things on!  (<-8)

I hope Oldenbourg is fun.  It's a bit far for me to travel.

1) The "change installation priority" menu item should be available
*very* early in the install process.  Best would be immediately
after loading the root-2.  Currently, it is not available up thru
partitioning, at least.

Hehe. Well, this is a general thingy. The idea is to change this in the kernel command line with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium or low. Maybe i should create an
'expert' boot/boot-ofonly floppy set ?

Hmmm... In general, I'd much prefer to solve this problem without a multiplication of floppies -- one for each possible boot-time option! It takes several minutes to download and burn a floppy. Multiply that by all the options I need to test, and you're talking about a serious investment of time. Can't we come up with some more general method of setting boot-time options?

In this particular case, could someone please explain to me the logic behind putting the first availability of "change installation priority" so late in the game?

2) The "hfs" and "hfsplus" (MacOS filesystem formats) filesystem
modules should be available early on.  This would make it much
easier to save log files to a floppy or a zip disk.  Also, they are
*required* for support of booting with BootX, so that the kernel
and initrd can be copied from /target/boot/ to the appropriate
place on the MacOS partition prior to the reboot.

Yeah, but you have to balance the usefullness of that together with the size
limit of the floppies.

I understand the size constraints. But isn't that the reason why we added the "root-2" floppy? Would adding hfs and/or hfsplus kick us over the edge into "root-3" land?


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