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Re: No HFS driver, and "change install priority" menu option missing -- and other bugs found while testing 2.4 boot floppies on OldWorld PowerMac

On Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 01:40:36PM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
> On Thursday, September 23, 2004, at 11:02 AM, Sven Luther wrote:
> >On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 05:05:58PM -0400, Rick Thomas wrote:
> >>Package: installation-reports
> >>
> >>In addition to the already noted problems with 2.4 PowerPC boot
> >>floppies, I have two requests for modules to be included on the
> >>root or root-2:
> >
> >Ok, actually following up on this from Oldenbourg with an oldworld 
> >box on
> >hand.
> Glad you finally got an oldworld powermac box to test things on!  (<-8)

:) It doesn't seem to do netloading correctly though.

> I hope Oldenbourg is fun.  It's a bit far for me to travel.

Yeah, on both accounts.

> >>1) The "change installation priority" menu item should be available
> >>*very* early in the install process.  Best would be immediately
> >>after loading the root-2.  Currently, it is not available up thru
> >>partitioning, at least.
> >
> >Hehe. Well, this is a general thingy. The idea is to change this 
> >in the kernel
> >command line with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium or low. Maybe i should 
> >create an
> >'expert' boot/boot-ofonly floppy set ?
> Hmmm... In general, I'd much prefer to solve this problem without a 
> multiplication of floppies -- one for each possible boot-time 
> option!  It takes several minutes to download and burn a floppy.  
> Multiply that by all the options I need to test, and you're talking 
> about a serious investment of time.  Can't we come up with some 
> more general method of setting boot-time options?
> In this particular case, could someone please explain to me the 
> logic behind putting the first availability of "change installation 
> priority" so late in the game?

Because you will only see it if something else fails in the high priority
thingy. I have modified the daily builds to boot into priority=medium by
default now, so this should solve this.

> >>2) The "hfs" and "hfsplus" (MacOS filesystem formats) filesystem
> >>modules should be available early on.  This would make it much
> >>easier to save log files to a floppy or a zip disk.  Also, they are
> >>*required* for support of booting with BootX, so that the kernel
> >>and initrd can be copied from /target/boot/ to the appropriate
> >>place on the MacOS partition prior to the reboot.
> >
> >Yeah, but you have to balance the usefullness of that together 
> >with the size
> >limit of the floppies.
> I understand the size constraints.  But isn't that the reason why 
> we added the "root-2" floppy?  Would adding hfs and/or hfsplus kick 
> us over the edge into "root-3" land?

We could indeed add it to root-2, but i would prefer to get the floppy loading
work correctly before i do this rather cosmetic thing working. And hfs/hfsplus
without ide/scsi driver is not really all that usefull, isn't it.


Sven Luther

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