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powerbook 1.5GHz 15" + radeon 9600 + mirror

I try to make a mirror mode work, on a recent pb 15"

I've tried a lot of configs :
ClondeMode option with sid xfree packages, MergedFB ones with daenzer 
dri-trunk packages. ...

I've googled a lot of lists. amd I've found no report of successful 
configs for my laptop...

I only want a clone on the DVI output for my talks, to project my 

I've sawn somebody here suggesting to close the lid during the boot, but 
it only results into blank screen and no signal is found by my LCD 
device ...

Since radeon 9600 is not supported by dri-trunk, I've spent most of my 
time on the standard XFree in sid. It supports ClondeMode (since in the 
log I see it accepted by the server, that even looks for CRT2 
modes) ... but after X start, here too, no signal ...

So If anybody has a working config, I would be thankful ...
Pierre Habouzit                                   http://www.madism.org/
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