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Re: airport and encryption - ALMOST FIXED

On Sat, 2004-09-18 at 06:40, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> I dont know if the silver base station can handle 128,
> youd need to check it on the apple website, but
> the airport card in your computer can handle 128. so
> based on that i would say that the basestation can aslo.
> are you sure your putting the same encryption key into
> the basestation as you are putting into the airport card?
> the admin password for the basestation is irrelevant,
> you just need to make sure they key is the same on both.

I got connected to the base station and can ping my LAN but I can't ping
anything on the Internet yet.  The /etc/resolv.conf file has the proper
DNS addresses and with eth0 active I can connect to the Internet.  Route
is properly configured but the DNS resolving is not working nor pinging
an Internet IP address directly.  

What I have been doing has been entering in the wrong information at the
wrong places.  With all the help everyone and the suggestions along the
way, I have been understanding wireless much more than when I had

Using the base station utility and retrieving the hex password helped
out tremendously and entering it as the key which I have been entering
the wrong on into the airport card and that is where the whole mess came
up.  I did not understand that entering the information using iwconfig
actually changes the stored information on the card.

Thank you so much everyone for your help with this.


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