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Re: java

Dalibor Topic wrote:

Lucio wrote:
Hi Lucio,

Java + linux (be it debian or others) + ppc is an unfortunate combination, because there isn't a complete java 2 VM that officially supports this kind of platform. You can try with gcj or kaffe or other OSS efforts, but, AFAIK, none of these currently implements full java 2 compliance.

More correctly: Not the full 1.4 API compliance, because Sun keeps the tests locked away. Both Kaffe and gcj have a lot of the classes from 1.4 implemented, but it's impossible to say how compliant they are with Sun without access to Sun's compliance tests.[1]

In any case, it seems compliant enough these days to run Jetty, Tomcat and such things. I guess that matters more in practice than sporting a cute logo :)

Now if I could only figure out why Kaffe fails to load classes for Arnaud on powerpc, and find someone to fix the ppc JIT in Kaffe's CVS to work on linux, I'd be happy :)

dalibor topic

[1] But of course, there is also a free software compliance test suite, mauve :)

IBM distribute a free-as-in-beer binary only Java package which includes the SDK and JVM. I believe it has passed the Sun compliance tests. I don't have a download address handy but you should be able to find by searching their website. The packages are labeled p-series (PPC) and i-series (Intel). I use it on a G3 iBook running Debian.

Unfortunately there's no browser plugin and I recall there's an environment variable which must be set to specify the target processor if you're not using a G4 or the runtime will fail trying to execute illegal instructions.

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