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Re: Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz CPU temperature

> > Can I read that from user space? Or should I add some printk to
> > radeon_probe_pll_params ?
> You can probably mmap /dev/mem to the right address and read it from
> userspace ;)

I don't want to lock things up, that's all :-)

> > Did I mention that radeon_probe_pll_params fails to detect the xtal clock
> > properly? It gets 25.6 MHz on probe ... but even making it tolerate that
> > as 27 MHz, it only gets sclk and mckl wrong, no improvement. Maybe I need
> > to set the ref clock to 26.5 MHz - but keep the OF provided sclk and mclk?
> In radeonfb or in X ? radeonfb should get everything from OF, as far as

In radeonfb - there's a debug option to recalculate the PLL settings from

> X is concerned, I plan to write a library so it can get to the OF
> provided values via /proc/device-tree

So UseBiosYadda won't work anyway yet ...

> > The code in radeonfb_base.c gives me a headache. What's ppll_div_sel
> > being used for? The PLL recalc code sets the clock index to use
> > PPLL_DIV_0, and then reads at PPLL_DIV_0+ppll_div_sel - is that the fb_div
> > value?
> Just give me the values of PPLL_DIV_0 and PPLL_REF_DIV and I'll figure
> it out.

OK, I'll hack the probe_pll function to report these data.


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