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Re: Problem with backlit keyboard on aluminium powerbook

On 22. Sep 2004, at 22:25 Uhr, Martino Pizzol wrote:

Hi all!
I have a powerbook(15" 1.25ghZ) and the backlit keyboard don't work. I
use a debian sid with a kernel with the patch pmdisk. I have
loaded the i2c_keywest modules but in powerprefs the keyboard tab is
disabled, and it doesn't work with pbbuttons. How I can setup the
vacklit keyboard?
Thanks to everyone and sorry for my poor english!

Hi, I have the same troubles but fortunately that feature is not quite as important since I figured that mostly the keys are better visible with the dark letters on the metallic keys.

However I would like to one day have it all running properly. With everything that works on osx :)

some day....

Timo Reimerdes

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