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Re: install (boot) problem sarge powerbook G3 (wallstreet)

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 21:29, Christian Leimer wrote:
> I dont use BootX. But make sure you have copied the initrd and the
> to the macos folders and slected the initrd as ramdisk?

That is just the problem, how do I copy the initrd to the macos folder?
>From macos I can't get to the ext2 part.
>From debian install (which is the only way I can get to the ext2 part) I
can't get to the macos part.
I get the network working, but no ftp program seems to be installed in
the base install so I can't get the initrd to the network either.....

For the moment I have macos installed on what will be the swap
partition, any change quick will be working some time?


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