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Re: Testing newoldworld pmac miboot 2.6 floppies

Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> Hi,
> Rick Thomas writes:
> > I then use ResEdit to modify the appropriate resource (any clues as
> > to which?
> The resource is called CMDL.  More detailed instructions are here:
> <URL:http://portal.suse.com/sdb/en/2000/06/olh_ppc_miboot.html>

Very interesting!  Thank you for the pointer.

However, I must be doing something wrong...

I write the boot.img file to a floppy.

I can boot from the floppy.

I put the floppy in the drive on MacOS-9.2.2 and it gets mounted by MacOS.

I start up ResEdit and open the "System" file on the floppy.

I double-click on the "CMDL" resource.

As a minimal test, I change one blank to two, then erase one of them (that is: effectively no change), then "save" the result.  Everything looks good -- the System file still has the "blessed" icon.

But when I try to boot my test machine from the floppy, it takes a taste and spits it out immediately.

In the process, MacOS-9.2.2 has created a bunch of extraneous stuff on the floppy -- such as a "Users" folder, etc.  I don't think that should cause any problems, but if so, how do I get rid of them?



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