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Re: airport and encryption

Adam Done <mlist@donestudios.com> writes:

> I have been setting up my wireless using apples airport.  So far I have
> been able to access the base station with an open network but when I try
> to access with a close network and 40bit encryption I am locked out.
> in the /etc/network/interfaces 
> 	wireless_essid net-name
> 	wireless_key s:password xxxxx

My /etc/network/interfaces contains this:
        wireless_enc on
        wlan_ng_key0 00:01:5e:d4:ae

 Though I obviously use the linux-wlan-ng drivers, so that second line
 will probably be different for you.  Its probably somewhere in the
 documentation for your drivers.

Scott Henson <scotth@csee.wvu.edu>

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