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Re: Multiple NICs on Umax S900

On Sep 14 2004, Paul Mullen wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 04:03:14PM +0200, Christian Leimer wrote:
> > Then what is your exact setup, which pci cards in the Umax? And which
> > order?  Try to move the NICs to one of the top two slots and test. I
> > have no card here to test, sorry. But maybe moving the cards helps.
> The only other PCI card present is the IMS TwinTurbo video adapter,
> still in slot #2 (where it was placed by the manufacturer). I have not
> tried moving the video card around yet. I will attempt different slot
> combinations to see if that helps.

It seems that the order of the PCI cards also matter for an old PMac
9500/180MP that I have here: I remember that I had some problems some time
ago, when I tried to install a Realtek 8139 card on that PMac. Changing the
slots helped.

Hope this helps, Rogério.

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