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Re: X.org Questions

Reply to the mail from Timo Reimerdes (tr@gtnw.de):

> Yet another question:
> What, except the transparency and the shadow-thingy is of advantage in
> x.org? is anything done noticably better? is it recomendable? 

I have an iBook G4 with the ATI Radeon mobility 9200 and ( like on any card other than NVIDIA ) transparency works slow as hell. 

Also if you enable the composite extension ( required for transparency ), the server tends to crash ( it does for me 
if I start some GTK+1.3 application ). So I guess one will turn off the composite manager ( and thus most of the new features ) 
of anyway. 

But with the composite manager disabled, it runs just as solid as the xfree server. It is also said that the X.org server 
should be able to recover from suspend-to-disk with DRI enabled which would be a real benefit compared to XFree. 

I have not noticed any other performance improvements. 


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