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Re: Laptop Mode


On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Frank Murphy wrote:
> > > > 3. It suggests pbuttonsd, but what does pbuttonsd offer that pmud
> > > > doesn't offer in regards to laptop mode utilities?
> > Nothing. The laptop-mode-tools recommend a power management daemon. This
> > could be apmd or acpid or pmud or pbbuttonsd. It's up to you.
> What are the differences among these tools? It seems odd that there are four 
> competing tools to do the same thing. Is one of them better than the others?
Not four, only 2 on each "level" of operating.

Kernel Level (or nearly kernel): laptopmode/bdflush 
  - both control the spin-up-down of your hardddisk
  laptopmode is the new one, with more features and better integration

User Space: pmud/pbbuttonsd
	pbbuttonsd is the newer tool, it is more integrated, nearly everything
	special thing of your iBook/Powerbook
	can directly controlled by it (power management, display brightness,
	keyboard lightning,.. ).

	But pmud also works..

mfG Florian Reitmeir

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