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Re: Debian on RS/6000 E30

On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 11:45:41AM +0100, Leigh Brown wrote:
> Sven Luther said:
> > On Sat, Sep 11, 2004 at 09:45:51PM +0200, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
> > Notice that it should go in the common kernel-source patches instead,
> > and that hch okeyed it, and that Leighh gave a more advanced patch
> > which supercedes this one. This was in july, but then it dropped from
> > view, and the issue was not spoken of anymore.
> Tom Rini merged my patches into the mainline kernel as of the
> 2.6.9-rc1-bk1 snapshot.  There seem to be a few issues with them which
> I'm attributing to the couple of tweaks Tom made when he did the
> merge ;-)


> I'm investigating those issues at the moment, but for various reasons
> it's slow going.

Tell us when it is ok, as we want to integrate those changes into the debian
2.6.8 tree before the imminent sarge release.


Sven Luther

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