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Re: therm_adt746x

On Sunday 12 September 2004 08:38, Michael Hunt wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 00:05, Florian Reitmeir wrote:
> > On Tue, 31 Aug 2004, Chris Anderson wrote:
> > > > i use my iBook G4 since dec/03 and never used the module
> > > > "therm_adt746x". Now sometimes people post, that the module is
> > > > important, and write things like,
> > > >
> > > > "not using the module may damage your hardware"
> > > >
> > > > is that true?
> Well I ran a default debian sarge install for a couple of weeks with the
> machine on pretty much all the time and didn't have the module load. At
> this stage there doesn't seem to be any hardware problems at all. When I
> do load the module the fan comes on consistently more under Linux than
> it does under Mac OS X. (In fact I _don't_ remember it coming on at all
> under Mac OS X whereas I _do_ notice it coming on a _lot_ under Linux
> with the module loaded).
 Sure, but I have something to say here. In the "Sect of the iBooks" (it is a 
joke of the people of Bulma) we have done tests that show that tha MacOS X 
_does not_ run de fan till high temperatures, such as 65º (I do not remember 
exactly). Well, there are two facts that, I believe, you do not notice with 
the usage of GNU/Linux and MacOS X:
 - How many kernels have you recompiled in MacOS? I mean, the power you need 
is much less than in GNU/Linux, so is obvius it will not heat as when you 
use, for example, Debian or Gentoo. 

> > > Yes, since without that module your ibook will never use any of its
> > > built in fans. Thus heat will build up and potentially cause hardware
> > > failure.
> >
> > Thats not true, my Fans work just fine, on heavy load, even without the
> > module. The module itself claims only to lower the max. temp. so the fans
> > run more often.
> That the fans _will_ kick in when things get _hot_ is nice to know :-).
 See later if you want to do it 'the MacOS way of fry' (if you did understand 
the above, you now will now that the MacOS runs the fan less but the machine 
gets _much_ hotter.
 And, if you have configured well the laptop_mode, the hard disk will not be 
that hotter (right now is is still very cold, and I have benn working for a 

> > The question remains, is this module a must have, or an add on?
 Module _always_ loaded during the boot.

> (a) What do the series of temps represent (i.e. are they related to
> certain fan speeds, cpu temps, system temps etc.)

> (b) How can I get sensors working so I can find out what the current
> temp is (stock sarge kernel - 2.6.8powerpc)
  Doing a script such as (or cat just the values):
echo "############# CPU ############"
echo -n "CPU temp:    "
cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_temperature
echo -n "Fan speed: "
cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_fan_speed
echo -n "Limit temp:       "
cat /sys/devices/temperatures/cpu_limit
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ^clock
echo "############# GPU ############"
echo -n "GPU temp:    "
cat /sys/devices/temperatures/gpu_temperature
echo -n "Limit temp:       "
cat /sys/devices/temperatures/gpu_limit

> >From this I then hope to tweak the module fan speeds so that it kicks in
> at higher temp than default allowing my battery to last for longer.

 When you upload de the module (in the boot or by yourself), you can do:
 #modprobe therm_adt746x fan_speed=X limit_adjust=Y
 When X are not the rpm (the default is 82 stoped, runing slow is 128) and Y 
is the new temperature (this value is sum to the default, wich is 50º. If you 
do =-10 it will  run at 40º and if you do =10 it will run at 60)

Pau Rul·lan Ferragut
GPG id  B0AB 1B0D FA8E 9295

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