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Re: nVidia 24bit color suport?

On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 07:02:13PM +0000, jjbenham@chicagoguitar.com wrote:
> I attached the output of xdpyinfo. Here it is thanks.
Looks good. Can't see what's wrong with you XFree86 then.

> > > fbset gives me a response that it is running at 8 bit:
> > fbset is of no interest here, since X sets up it's own video mode.
> So the only use rivafb would be is to shutdown the display backlight? That is if it worked.
No shutting down the backlight is also handled by XFree86.
Brightness-Control is handled by rivafb, as is switching to other modes
on the console (i.e. for mol). This all works, only problem is switching back
from X to the console, but I think I have a fix for that, only need some time
to test it.
 -- Guido

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