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iBook 2.2: Kernel 2.6.8 and beep (PC Speaker)?

Hello list,

While I'm writing this lines I'm apt-get'ing kernel-source-2.6.8 in
order to compile and install it on my iBook 2.2. Kernel 2.6.7 worked
fined until now, I had just some troubles with the builtin PC Speaker
and ALSA: No beep sound (PC Speaker in alsamixer available but off).

I've seen there were some patches to bring beep back to live on 2.6.7
using ALSA and snd-powermac. Wich is the status of ALSA and beep in
2.6.8 kernel release? Will it work by default?

I hope so. In the meantime if someone experienced troubles or success
regarding the above topic please send some feedback. Suggestions on how
to fix eventual problems are also always welcome.

Thanks in advantage for interest,


P.S. Please Cc: me on each reply, I'm currently off-list, thanks.

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