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Powerbook G4 1.33 GHz CPU temperature


The current (default) setting for therm_adt76x is to start the CPU fan at
speed 128 when the CPU temperature reaches 50°C (that is, 122 °F). It's set
at speed 255 when it reaches 55°C (134 °F).
However, with these settings, the fan is almost all the time at speed 128.
If I don't do anything, the temperature is around 48°C.
According to threads on newsgroups, MacOS only starts it when the
temperature reaches around 70°C (160°F). I don't know first hand as I've
never used it.
So my question is, what's the best treshold to use? Is it necessary to have
the fan start at 50°C, or is there a better setting ?

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