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Re: problems with kernel-source-2.6.8-5 on powerbook 15" 1.33GHz

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 06:05:34PM +0100, Matthew T. Atkinson wrote:
> Here is what my .config says:
> [snip .config]
I believe as far as that section is conerned, you have far more drivers than
needed (some reported they had their drive working with only the PMAC_*
options and PCI IDE and DMA). It's thus unlikely that something in this
section is missing (as I said, I even tried building in all the that section's
I suspect either it needs another driver not obviously related, or there's
a bug. No specific clue though. I tried giving yaboot a bootline with
root=03:03 in case the problem was in the translation from /dev/hda3 to
(3,3) but that didn't help.

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