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Sound module option --sample-format=16_be


I use the following sound configuration for my Alu Powerbook (Desktop KDE3.2):

a) modules soundcore, dmasound_core and dmasound_pmac (kernel 2.6.7)

b) /etc/modutils/sound with the entries

    alias char-major-14     soundcore
    alias sound-slot-0      dmasound_pmac
    alias char-major-14-3   dmasound_pmac
    alias /dev/dsp          dmasound_pmac
    alias sound-service-0-0 i2c-keywest
    alias char-major-14-0   i2c-keywest
    alias /dev/mixer        i2c-keywest

This confiuration only works if I use the option 8bit in KDE3.2 / control
center / sound.
Now I found a hint, that mac sound hardware 'can only do big endian' and
therefore one should try passing --sample-format=s16_be.

>Looks like rawplay is trying to set a sound format not supported
>by your HW. I suspect it tried to setup for little endian 16 bits
>samples while most pmac sound hardware can do only big endian.
>Try passing it --sample-format=s16_be
>The program defaults to s16_le, maybe you want to suggest the maintainer
>to default to s16_be on big-endian machines...

Where do I passing the option '--sample-format=s16_be'? 

Normally I load my kernel modules with modconf and in general modconf
asks for some options before it loads the modules. Is this the place
where I can use the option '--sample-format=s16_be'?

If yes: Which module uses this option?

Thanks in advance for helping me and kind regards!

Roland Wegmann

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