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Re: Debian and Ibm RS6000 7043-150

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 03:57:40PM +0200, Nicolas Raspail wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a problem installing Debian on my 7043-150 (powerpc 604e, chrp I

Are you sure that this is a chrp, and not a prep machine ? 

> think). I've tried the DI rc1 on sarge ppc and woody's bootdisks but I
> always have an error message unexpected firmware error or CLAIM failed.
> I've read a lot of websites and mailling lists but I haven't success on
> installing Debian.

Can you :

  1) try the daily builds.

  2) try a netboot kernel.

  3) try a 2.4 netboot kernel.

> I've tried setenv load-base 100000, the cdrom seems to boot, but as soons
> as the 7043-150 boots again, load-base is reset to 4000.
> I need someone who can provides me a working kernel/ramdisk to launch the
> installation process or provides me instruction to build them. I don't
> have access to a powerpc host, only x86

Well, the above should work, but we probably need more info on your box.


Sven Luther

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