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Re: Modules missing in vmlinux-prep.initrd (netboot)

On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 03:50:39PM +0900, Jerome Walter wrote:
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> Hi,
> Ok, Sven, i got your kernel booting on the OF prep machine, with the
> daily netboot image (btw, now the other ppc (PPCBug) does not work...).

We have only the prep kernels, what target for kernel_building are you using ?
mkvmlinuz knows how to create prep zImages only, so i guess that for those we
need to add support for a ppcbug arch in mkvmlinuz. For this, we need two
things from you : 

  1) a reliable way to autodetect a ppcbug ppc box. mostly done by probing
  /proc/cpuinfo for the other subarches, but i somehow feel that machine will
  show up as prep.

  2) information on what code path is traveled in arch/ppc/boot/simple to
  create the ppcbug image in the 2.6.8 kernel

Just look at the mkvmlinuz script, and the  arch/ppc/boot/simple makefile for

> It boots quite well, switches from serial to console once the video card
> (matrox millenium) has been detected, and lauches the setup.
> It then freeze on hardware detection, and all i got from the logs are
> some modules missing:
> ncr53c8xx

You need to use the sym53c8xx_2 driver, which is available, please fill a bug
report against the ddetect package, giving your lspci output (both normal and
with -n), as well as telling you are running a 2.6 kernel.

> usb-storage (i don't care, i don't have usb controller)
> ide-detect     |
> ide-generic    | idem, i don't have ide.
> ide-mod        |
> ide-probe-mod  |

Well, since this is a netboot image, those should be pulled in by the second
hardware detection phase once net is configured. Please put this info in the
bug report.

> Before filing a bug report, i am calling for advice:
> do i miss something ? Is there something i need to do to get the modules ?
> And by the way, as i am writing, how can i get expert mode from netboot
> installation ?

you can just go back in one of the menu questions, but you can also boot with
DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium or low. Not sure if prep allows for command line
arguments when netbooting though, i can simply say : 

  ok> boot net vmlinuz-chrp.initrd DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium

on my pegasos.


Sven Luther

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