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Re: No /dev/pmu

hello matthew...

* "Matthew T. Atkinson" <matthew@agrip.org.uk> [2004-08-19 07:50 +0200]:
> I have no /dev/pmu in a new installation of Sarge.  It is causing GNOME
> to complain on startup and pbbuttonsd to fail to start.  How can I get
> /dev/pmu back?  There is a /proc/pmu/ directory present.

hm, perhaps the maintainer of pbbuttonsd should include the creation of
/dev/pmu in the maintainer scripts? frank? there used to be a discussion
about it but i forgot the outcome. :)

> I can't find any packages that seem to provide the facility to create a
> /dev/pmu and I don't know the device numbers myself so wouldn't want to
> use mknod directly.

iirc, the package pmud should do the job.

> I'd appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to make/restore my
> /dev/pmu.  Thanks in advance,

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