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Re: IBookG4 External screen (and Overlay)


you write that you get about 850 FPS. Is that true?

I'm getting:
560 frames in 5.0 seconds = 112.000 FPS
on my G3-600/M3 rage. Of course it's slower, but ~800% difference?

This would either mean that my setup is screwed or i'd need new hardware


Am Son, den 15.08.2004 schrieb Sébastien FRANÇOIS um 20:37:
> Hello,
> this is just to let you know that I've taken some time to document the support 
> of the external screen for the IBookG4:
> http://seb.france.free.fr/linux/ibookG4/iBookG4-howto-5.html#ss5.6
> Have fun while compiling XFree :D
> seb
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