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Re: Fwd: Re: current d-i cd won't boot on G3

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 08:15:00PM +0200, Kilian Krause wrote:
> > > If it's a beige G3 you'll need to use BootX 1.2.2
> Thanks! that did the trick. Maybe it should be added to the d-i manual
> how to tell what's "OldWorld" and what's "NewWorld" mac. I thought i had
> a NewWorld one for some reason (well, just wildly guessing actually).

It's not that easy to tell, honestly. The most reliable way is to
look at the OF version. Anything 3.0 or above is newworld, below
is oldworld. But it's not the easiest thing to figure out. Another
way is that no newworld model shipped with an internal floppy
drive, but the original imac model, which was the first newworld
style mac, actually had a swim chip onboard that could be tapped
if you knew what you were doing, and some of the last oldworld
powerbooks didn't come with a floppy drive, so while this is an
easy way to get a hint, it's not 100% accurate.

It's a messy situation, any the only way that is easy for a normal
user is to have a list of which models fall into each category.

	Brad Boyer

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