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Re: G3 iMac Rev. B install pointers?

Ciao s. keeling, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> This is a stand-alone iMac on a cable modem.  I just want to install
> sarge onto it, preferably alongside MacOS 8.x, but I'd be satisfied
> with wiping it first and pulling from backups.  I assume this iso will
> install yaboot for a boot loader, then slurp in the base system from
> CD, and I'll finish it off with apt-get/aptitude.

Well, I guess you should first partition your HD if you want to keep both
OSs (but in a 2GB HD I see it quite hard!), then yes, pop the Sarge CD and
install as usual.
You will get the bootloader (Yaboot if Newworld, not sure if Oldworld) and
On such hardware you should have no problem in X or something. Everything
should Just Work (TM).

Best Regards, Jack
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