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G3 iMac Rev. B install pointers?

Hi.  I've been all over everything I can find on this on debian.org,
I've been googling 'til my eyes are crossed, yet I still feel I'm in
murky waters.

I'm downloading the sarge-powerpc-netinst.iso (283 Mb).  Is this all I
need to slap sarge onto an iMac?  Why am I finding things that say I
need to futz with bootp?

This is a stand-alone iMac on a cable modem.  I just want to install
sarge onto it, preferably alongside MacOS 8.x, but I'd be satisfied
with wiping it first and pulling from backups.  I assume this iso will
install yaboot for a boot loader, then slurp in the base system from
CD, and I'll finish it off with apt-get/aptitude.  The things I've
seen say I'm going to have to build dhcp prior to getting the
connection up.  Is this true?  Where's the quick and dirty, "Do this!"
document I'm looking for?

Newworld (I think), ca. 233 Mhz, ATI Rage video, 96 Mb RAM, 2 Gb
disk.  I've been using Debian since potato (or earlier?) but powerpc
Debian is a new animal for me.  Any help or sugestions are welcome.


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