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Re: hfs+ fs with linux

On Aug 10 2004, Albert Dengg wrote:
> a friend of mine wants to use some data on his external harddrive both
> on OSX and linux (x86) and so the questions is, what is the status of
> the hfsplus driver under linux, is it save to use and does it work both
> read and write?

It worked fine when I tried to use it, but remember that it is usually
case-insensitive, which means, that some Unix programs may have problems
with it.

BTW, I would recommend that you disable the journalling of the FS, if you
want the changes in Linux to be recognized without problems in MacOS X.

I'd like to try the new driver for MacOS X to read ext2 filesystems, but I
got scared when I saw some reports of data corruption about six months ago.
I now see that the project http://sf.net/projects/ext2fsx has released a
non-beta version which means that it may have correct behaviour now.

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