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Re: hfs+ fs with linux

On Tue 08/10/04 14:30, Albert Dengg wrote:
> Hi
> a friend of mine wants to use some data on his external harddrive both
> on OSX and linux (x86) and so the questions is, what is the status of
> the hfsplus driver under linux, is it save to use and does it work both
> read and write?

I use hfs+ daily. Read is perfect, never had a problem. However, with
write I can't make to many comments since I use it on a flash device
(holding my gpg key) so I mount it ro. Occasionally I use mount it rw,
and have only come accrossed a couple issues (it doesn't like large
files, sometimes), but those were with an older kernel. Oh, and after 32
rw mounts, you need to use the hfpmount on it, which will fail but will
allow the kernel to mount it.

I use 2.6.7.


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