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Re: Radeon 9600 dual head and XF86Config on PB G4 15"

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 02:16:30PM -0400, Scott Henson wrote:
> peter@auger.physik.uni-konstanz.de (Peter Henseler) writes:
> > I just tried to get an external monitor running on my Alu Powerbook 15" (kernel
> > version 2.6.7) with an ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card. Therefore I added in the
> > XF86Config-4 file extra Device, Screen and Monitor sections and the xinerama
> > option to the ServerLayout section. The screen of my Powerbook gets initialized
> > properly. But on the second screen I just get the PROM init on a white
> > background. Does anyone know a solution?
> The best way to get this to work is to shutdown your powerbook and
> completely hookup the monitor.  Then press the power button and
> immediately close the lid.  Then you should see the monitor come up
> with what you would normally see on the panel.  At this time open up
> the lid and use your power book as normal, your external monitor
> should continue to work.  As for this working as it does on other
> laptops and being able to just plug the monitor and it work, there
> needs to be some driver work or something about an open firmware
> emulator and there is no timetable for when that will be available(if ever?).

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, Scott! 

With your hint I get the signal on the external monitor. But either I
get the resolution of the powerbook screen (1280x854), or I get a
resolution of (1280x1024) on the second screen, but with a black stripe
at the bottom of the screen. Do you know how I can get the correct
resolution on the external screen? 

The screen of my powerbook just shows the PROM_init. So the situation is
reversed to the prior situation (except for the resolution problem). This
is already a good starting point, when I want to connect a beamer to my
powerbook. But is there a way to use both screens in parallel (with
the xinerama option or something alike)?

-- Peter

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