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Using PCMCIA on PowerPC

I'm trying to use PCMCIA on my PowerBook G4 (I have an adapter to read
a SD card in particular), but I can't find anything related to PCMCIA
in the log files.

/usr/share/doc/pcmcia-cs/FAQ.Debian.gz says:

o    How do I setup my Debian system to use PCMCIA cards?

First you should obtain and install the pcmcia-cs package and either a 2.4
(or later) kernel with the PCMCIA drivers built in, a kernel-pcmcia-
modules-<kernel version> package, or a pcmcia-modules-<kernel version>
package, where <kernel version> is the version of the Linux kernel that
your system is using (for example, 2.2.14-1). [...]

The pcmcia-cs package is already installed, the kernel is 2.6.6-powerpc
(from the kernel-image-2.6.6-powerpc package), but I can't find any
package matching *pcmcia-modules* (but locate shows that PCMCIA modules
are installed -- well, I suppose so...).

/etc/default/pcmcia contains:

# Defaults for pcmcia (sourced by /etc/init.d/pcmcia)

So, what do I need to do?

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