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Weird SBAudigy problem ...


Some time ago a weird problem hit me from nowhere and generaly I have no
ideas what I can do about it.

The problem is related to my soundcard. Now I use SBAudigy card and ALSA
1.0.5a on Pegasos 2 machine with G4 1GHz CPU.

I like to listen mp3 files when working, but now it is impossible. After
random amount of time (Sometimes 15 min, sometimes 2h) music stops without 
any reason and XMMS program displays requester telling me that I 
should chceck is my card is propetly plugged in to the slot or is any 
program use sound card now (This is impossible because only XMMS is running)
After such situation I can't find any errors or warnings in the log files,
completly nothing. Restarting alsa also not help only reboot.

This is realy anonying to reboot after 1-2h of work :/

No errors and random nature of this problems realy makes hard for me to fix
it or just say what is wrong.

First I think it's a hotplug (I upgraded it short time before this problem
apear) but not, second idea was a kernel but this was also missed shoot
because I have it on 2.6.5 and 2.6.7 kernels too.

Anyone can give me any hints ? If more informations are required just tell

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