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Re: problem with /dev/dsp


this is the mailing list for running Debian Linux on PowerPC computers (Apple Macintosh and the like). You are using Red Hat Linux on a PC-type computer. You'd be much better off asking the question in a RedHat-specific mailing list (start at www.redhat.com).

Having said this, I'd say try Fedora Core 2 (fedora.redhat.com) instead of Red Hat 9. The latter is quite old already and FC2 pretty much replaces it.

The best,


dpradeep@iitk.ac.in wrote:

Respected Sir!!
I've just install Redhat 9 to my PC (matherboard intel865G(HT)). It installed
successfully, but there is problem with /dev/dsp file. As I start KDE window
manager, It opens a window says that there is a problem with /dev/dsp file.
process continue with null output.
what should i do


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