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Re: Some 2.6.6 kernel questions

On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 06:40, Roland Wegmann wrote:

> 'vmlinux-' (my kernel image) and a file 'vmlinux.coff-
>'. What is the file 'vmlinux.coff-*' for?

It's junk.

> initrd=...). What are the advantages of initrd kernels over non-initrd
> kernels? What is the function of the file 'initrd.img-*'?

An initrd kernel is required if your kernel would
otherwise be unable to mount the root filesystem.
Reasons for this include encrypted disks, strange
LVM and RAID setup, strange diskless configs, disk
drivers as modules, and filesystem drivers as modules.

If you have a normal or almost-normal system, forget
about initrd.

Just yesterday I grabbed a plain 2.6.8-rc1 kernel
from www.kernel.org/pub/linux/ and it works great
on my Mac Cube. Perhaps you should try that.

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