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Re: Urgent! Yaboot died, how to rescue?

Oh man.. This just keeps getting dumber :-(

You were right Sebyte, I needed to use your ISO, not the one I had.  So I 
was able to mount my fs, but then in an effort to change my initrd.img.old 
symlink, I accidentally hosed my real initrd.img-2.4.25-powerpc!  Doh!  
And of course this ramdisk version of linux doesn't have mkinitrd either 
so I'm screwed until one of you kind souls bail me out.

Anyone wanna be charitable and email me an initrd.img-2.4.25-powerpc?

Thanks... and sorry for the hassle.


On Saturday 10 July 2004 10:31 pm, Sebastian Tennant wrote:
> >   Thanks so much for your help Sebyte (and Colin).  Unfortunately,
> > neither method seems to work for me.  Colin's method looks like it's
> > gonna work but then panics for some reason.  Sebyte's method looks
> > good up until I try to mount my filesystem --- there's nothing useful
> > in /dev :-(  No hda-anything, just "cdroms", "floppy", "null", and
> > about 20 other misc things but no HDs...  what now, Doc?
> >
> >   Sean
> All I can suggest is to download and burn the iso I already mentioned. 
> I just checked and the ramdisk created when I execute a shell includes
> 	/dev/hda
> 	/dev/hda1
> 	.
> 	.
> 	.
> 	/dev/hda20
> so mounting my root partition is a snip.
> Sorry I can't be more help.
> sebyte

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