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Re: Urgent! Yaboot died, how to rescue?

>   Thanks so much for your help Sebyte (and Colin).  Unfortunately, neither 
>   method seems to work for me.  Colin's method looks like it's gonna work 
>   but then panics for some reason.  Sebyte's method looks good up until I 
>   try to mount my filesystem --- there's nothing useful in /dev :-(  No 
>   hda-anything, just "cdroms", "floppy", "null", and about 20 other misc 
>   things but no HDs...  what now, Doc?
>   Sean

All I can suggest is to download and burn the iso I already mentioned.  I just
checked and the ramdisk created when I execute a shell includes


so mounting my root partition is a snip.

Sorry I can't be more help.


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