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Support for the latest powerbook on the last kernel snapshot

Hi people,

First of all, I'm not used to write in english, so escuse my bad english :P

I recently buy a powerbook. Has you already know, Apple renew his laptop
series some mounths ago. This powerbook is PowerBook5,4 version. Two days
ago I downloaded the latest kernel snapshot (2.6.7-bk20) and I was glad to
see that this newer model is now supported.

Looking for info about the support for this powerbook I read in this list
a mail form  Sebastian Henschel where he said that wasn't able to use the
soundcard and the cpufreq. That's beacuse I think it was interesting to
share this whit the list.

I was a not very satisfied whit this laptop (especially with the temp).But
now my laptop works quite fine. cpufrerd runs fine (but I'm not able to
make run cpudyn) and I can control de sound card volumen levels.

That's all.


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