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Re: Strange delay in starting kde and gnome

On (07/07/04 10:54), Nagarjuna G. wrote:
> Suddenly, I am having problems in starting both kde3.2 and gnome 2.6. 
> it takes around 15 minutes to get the desktop, gnome doesn't come at
> all, and there is a similar delay for starting some of the programs.
> It seems starting services is taking all the time.
> If I use icewm as the desktop there is no problem.  Couldn't diagnose
> the problem.  any clues?
Hi Nagarjuna

On my G4 I use KDE 3.2 which comes up fast (this is an install done
sometime ago using the woddy installer and upgrading to sid).  However,
I've got a second test partition on which I tested the new sarge d-i
(tc1) and thought I'd try Gnome 2.6. I have the behaviour you describe
on this.

icewm comes up almost instantaneously but I can make tea etc. whilst
waiting for Gnome to start, which it does eventually.

I'd be interested to in knowing how to fix this, 'cos at the moment, I'm
disinclined to persevere with Gnome.



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