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Re: quik 2.0 killed my beige G3

   Hello !

   I was running "testing" on my beige G3 with kernel 2.6.6. I used a 
   little Partition with MacOS 9.1 on it to boot with BootX into Linux.

   A few days ago I did what I always do "apt-get update, apt-get upgrade" 
   and then there was the final question about quik and if it should
   install to boot from /dev/hdb9. And stupid me I typed return. At the 
   next reboot my beige G3 could not start into linux :-(

   How do I get my old boot-sequenze back?

   Every hint is highly welcome.
   I thougth of "dd" some blocks from a bootable disk to my unbootable 
   disk but I do not know which blocks to copy.


I don't know about BootX but if you were running yaboot the following
procedure would get you back in.  Perhaps you can adapt this to BootX.

Boot from a rescue cd, and enter the proper boot path in yaboot (running on
the rescue CD), e.g.,

    boot: hd:3,/vmlinux root=/dev/hda3 defaults

assuming your root partition is partition 3 on your internal IDE hard drive.

Once you're in you can edit your /etc/yaboot.conf, run `ybin -b /dev/hda2' (if
your bootstrap partition is partition 2) and things should return to normal.

Tip:  Hold down the `C' key until you see them crawling across the screen at
      the boot prompt.  (Very often you have only one or two seconds to
      interupt yaboot's boot sequence)


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