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Re: iBook G4 install turning into a nightmare

> > You need to have at least 2.6.7-rc2, or the radeon is unusably flickery.
> > I've attached my XF86Config-4.  Note that I have DRI disabled, since it
> > (iirc) makes pmdisk fail to resume.
> unfortunately this has brought me no closer to having X on my system. what
> framebuffer do you use? i have deselected all but the ofvideo driver. are you
> maybe using the radeon one? are you using any non-standard kernel options?


the debian default of "video=ofonly" is what is breakign things! using the
latest 2.6.7 kernel with the new radeonfb framebuffer (DCC or whatever its
called, turned on) i now have an X server!

thank you to everybody who helped me with this... i will now try and sort out
all the other problems and mayeb write up how i installed everything.

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