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Re: Suspend for the iBook G4

Reply to the mail from Rob Weir (rweir@ertius.org):

> Well, agx's suspend-to-disk works great, for me at least.  Just make
> sure you disable DRI in X (yeah, that sucks).
> Well, with one caveat: how and what do I configure to get the suspend
> script to run when I close the lid?  It seems to be within pbuttonsd's
> domain, but I can't figure out how to specify the script to run for the
> lid-close event.

Another caveat is that suspend to disk is sloooow!

More than 100 Seconds for a suspend/resume cycle really is not that good. I wonder also why WindowsXP hibernates so much faster - it obviously does not need this "counting pages to copy" step.


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